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We live in the world where children have access to smart toys and cutting-edge technologies, and books seem to lose ground. If we talk about personalized sensory books, colored and decorated with different elements, then the attraction grows.
Business owners from Balaken, Azerbaijan, discover secrets to making a premium product – with help from the EU4Business. In business, growing or making a product is only half the battle.
In the Carpathians, Ukraine’s highest mountain range, live the Ukrainian highlanders – the Hutsuls. Apart from their distinctive language, music, traditions, and costumes, there is one more thing that Hutsuls have maintained for centuries – their traditional way of making the first-recorded Ukrainian cheese, Hutsul bryndza cheese, made from sheep’s milk.
The fabric-dyeing house in Kiketi, just over 30 kilometres away from the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, is a place where the magic happens. The wooden walls of this well-lit, modern cottage are covered with colourful samples of fabric, with vibrant colours ranging from deep purple to warm orange and light pink.
Tourists and lovers of quality wines and picturesque locations in the Republic of Moldova can add another destination to their favorites, namely „Crama Mircesti” – the business, which expanded with the support of the European Union under its EU4Business initiative.

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