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Imagine an avant-garde fashion collection being filmed on location in a remote village in Georgia, where abandoned wooden houses are covered in snow.
Clothes, shoes, accessories, hygiene, cosmetics and perfumes – this is just a brief list of what one of the largest outlet store Navne offers its customers in Georgia at a high quality and low prices.
The EU and FAO awarded a matching grant of USD 150,000 to Biochimpharm, a Georgian biotech company that gained worldwide recognition producing bacteriophages – a sustainable alternative to antibiotics.
The EU Project helped a local business club in Belarus go to a new level, turning from informal community of entrepreneurs to an official business support centre in just one year.
Labneh, haloumi, caciotta with mint, kachokavallo, mahan… These are just some of the exotic names of products made at the Kozatske Podviria or Kozak Yard Farm in Donetsk.

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