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The success story of COSMONOVA|NET, an innovator on the Ukrainian IT market. Today, the Internet is something many of us simply can’t do without. If you need some information, just take out your smartphone and it’s at your fingertips.
Regional hypermarket chain in Georgia increases sales and expands business with EU4Business support. Sixteen years ago Irakli Siradze and his wife Maia Beridze decided to start their lives afresh and open a business.
Fruit production business in Georgia developing rapidly with support from EU4Business and EBRD. Just five kilometres from the Russian-occupied Georgian breakaway region of South Ossetia, is the village Brotsleti in Gori municipality, and there, in hectares of fruit orchards, apples, plums, and peaches are growing.
EU4Business helps Moldovan farmers go high-tech with modern agricultural drones. The information technology revolution is now feeding back into humankind’s oldest revolution, the agricultural revolution, with high-tech solutions to age-old farming problems now finding their ways to fields across the planet.
With its world-famous immersive shows and unique multimedia featuring masterpieces of Armenian Art, Ditaran, an immersive dome, brings a stunning new multimedia experience to residents and visitors to the town of Dilijan in north-eastern Armenia.

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