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Natalia Strok, Director of the Vysokovsky Ecological and Ethnographic Center, a social and cultural institution in Belarus, starts her day very early: she answers calls from partners and clients whom she advises over the phone, and goes to their secondary plots, delivering seedlings, seeds and equipment.
In November 2020, Natalia Vasko, Director of a private socio-ecological institution called ApiMir Beekeeping Development, won the Entrepreneurship Development Initiatives competition with her project, “ApiMir: New Opportunities for Rural Business”.
One day, the founders of GreenPack saw a khachapuri — Georgian cheese pie — being reheated and packed in a polyethylene bag for a little boy. ”At that moment, we suddenly thought about how we’ve all got used to harming ourselves, and then the environment, and how a product wrapped in 5 or 6 pieces of plastic has become a common feature.
A master of decorative and applied art who has participated in more than 100 exhibitions in Azerbaijan, Sona Maharramova grew up in an artistic family in Ganja. Though she is young, she has extensive creative and teaching experience, primarily in the art of painting on glass.
The province of Aghjabedi in Azerbaijan is a rural and heavily agricultural district. Growing crops and livestock farming are main economic activities that locals are engaged in here.

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