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Animal husbandry and tourism have gained considerable importance for Moldova’s economic development in the recent years, providing opportunities to launch successful local businesses.
The EU4Business-supported programmes can transform the ideas of entrepreneurs from the Republic of Moldova into successful businesses. The „EU4Moldova: Focal Regions” is such a programme intended for those who plan to start or expand their businesses in the Cahul and Ungheni regions.
In recent years, Georgia has witnessed the emergence of a growing number of eco-friendly design companies. These enterprises have recognized the significance of sustainable practices and their impact on the environment.
Amidst the contemplation about what to do with the access they had to exquisite and premium textile scraps, art expert Sophia Lapiashvili and marketing specialist Maka Noselidze embarked on an unexpected journey: they founded a company in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and used the EU4Business support to help expand to new markets.
Farmer Garegin Muradyan has been growing strawberries for 5-6 years in the village of Tavshut, in the Shirak region of Armenia, on a field that is covered only with a net, without the possibility of heating, without additional “excesses”. He says he’s doing well.

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