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For nine years, the enterprise “NPC DESPROFMED” helped large and small institutions in Ukraine to be safe. The company provided disinfection, deratization and disinsection services throughout the country. But at the beginning of the Great War, the warehouse with production equipment and materials was completely destroyed. The business had to start almost from scratch, and a microgrant from the EU4Business programme helped them to do so.
Сrispy cheese balls snEco were much loved by thousands of Ukrainians. Their unique property made it possible to store cheese snacks even without a refrigerator. The business owners had big plans for the future, but the war made its own adjustments. To survive, the company had to be relocated to another part of the country while the management decided to donate all the money earned to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The manufacturing at a new place has been resumed thanks to a microgrant from EU4Business.
Larysa Kapranova owned a house in Mariupol, where she ran a successful confectionery business and led a department at the university. A few months after the start of Russia’s full-scale war, all of this was destroyed. Larysa started life from scratch in Kyiv and a microgrant from the EU4Business program was a significant help.
On February 24, 2022, the doors of the Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic in Mykolayiv opened despite Russia’s invasion. Almost all clinic staff either fled the city or hid from the invaders’ shelling in their homes. Clinic director Dmytro Motorny understood that he needed to stay with his people and help in every way possible. The spring of 2022 could have been the last one for the clinic; but, Dmytro was determined to fight for the life of his business. An EU4Business micro-grant to support his business became a lifeline.
Svitlana Molchanova’s company, Clear Water, a water delivery service in Mykolayiv, has not stopped its work since the war’s outbreak. Purified water deliveries continue to supply humanitarian aid distribution centers, the Ukrainian military and city residents.

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