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Many people have a fear of dentists, perhaps from bad experiences in childhood, and choosing a dental practice can be a chore. But there’s a dental practice in Lviv, in western Ukraine, where patients and dentist effectively choose each other, and collaborate during treatment.
Sumykamvol, a textile business in Ukraine’s north-central Sumy Oblast, was the last industrial factory to be set up in Soviet Ukraine. Starting production in 1987, it was one of the largest textile plants in the Soviet Union, producing part-wool yarn.
The up-and-coming generation of young entrepreneurs in Moldova will be the ones to build the country’s future economy, so it makes sense to invest in them now to ensure that future economy is both sustainable and inclusive.
How would you like a fireplace in your apartment, one with real fire, but that doesn’t produce smoke, or soot, and that doesn’t even need a chimney? One that doesn’t burn coal or wood – that’s completely environmentally friendly – that you can even control from a smartphone app?
Developing a business and penetrating new markets takes innovation and finding new partners abroad, and these should be key objectives for small- and medium-sized (SME) enterprises looking to gain strength.

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