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Under 20 hectares of greenhouses in central Armenia’s semi-arid Kotayk province, local agricultural company Green Farmer grows hydroponic cherry tomatoes.
BeSweet, a Chișinău-based cookie brand, has redefined cookie baking in Moldova, elevating product quality in the local biscuit market. The young company was founded only in 2015, when Tatiana and Leonid Grigoriev, a family of food engineers with a taste for innovation, decided to venture into business.
Vitalii Merezhko, Deputy Director of the “Dniester” International Agricultural Cluster (Vinnytsia, Ukraine), underwent a 2-week Job shadowing training at the FEMAC Agricultural Cluster (Lleida, Spain) Under the EU4Business programme.
Success is sometimes not just a matter of good business plans and high-quality products. In the modern world, company owners and directors need to understand the digital world and pay more attention to the latest options for promoting products online.
When Tamar Lebanidze embarked on a journey to her own business in 1995, Georgia was in the throes of significant political, economic, and social change. Traveling from her country's turbulent past towards a better future, she decided there was just one phrase that could describe her company's mission: “Fight for development.”

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