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Lala Gurbanaliyeva lives with her husband in Yukhari Tala, a village in Zagatala, a mountainous region of Azerbaijan. They have two sons, 30 and 32, both of whom have their own families. By education, Lala is a construction engineer.
Back in 2018, Belarusachka was one of 22 garment-making SMEs in Belarus that took part in the Eastern Partnership: Ready to Trade project, an EU4Business Initiative supported by the EU, the Centre for the Promotion of Imports (CBI) and International Trade Center (ITC).
If you’ve ever bought a baguette or a croissant in one of the major supermarkets in Georgia, chances are that it came from the Food Alliance, which produces frozen pastry using modern European technologies.
In remote regions of Armenia, high poverty levels are the norm as there are few economic opportunities outside of farming and unemployment rates are above the national average.
The challenges of efficient energy use are presented at various levels, from energy consumption in an office to technological equipment of gas and pipeline companies.

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