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In early April, 10,000 express COVID-19 tests arrived in three oblasts of Western Ukraine—Vinnytsia, Ternopil and Khmelnytskiy. The whole process—from the search for a test to delivery—was handled by six small businesses that are part of a cluster of bridal wear...
Santa Ukraina swiftly switches manufacturing following EBRD and EU support Hundreds of fashionable dresses, blouses and skirts are the garments that textile producer Santa Ukraina usually manufactures and ships to European retail brands every day. But the coronavirus ha...
Today, when all around the world people are practicing self-isolation and social distancing, some small businesses are doing their best to re-arrange their operations. Some do so successfully with tools made available with help from the EBRD and EU4Business.
Early February now seems a lifetime ago, but back then, a chicken farm in Georgia was preparing for a new milestone: Chirina was adding 14 new turnkey broiler farmhouses to increase production by 50 per cent, calling for a grand celebration. A little help from friends, including the EBRD and EU4Business, contributed to the success of their journey.
A project by EU4Business and German Government helped Georgian startup company, Doctor Goods, manufacture 40,000 medical gowns in a week to address the COVID-19 pandemic.