Lena Sargsyan, “The important thing in green agribusiness is to change the way people think”

Lena Sargsyan, “The important thing in green agribusiness is to change the way people think”

David Davtyan and Lena Sargsyan, a young couple living in Stepanavan, have, over fifteen years of their joint life, proven by their example that work is creativity and that it gives real joy in life. Today, they are creating and implementing future-oriented business plans that will contribute to the prosperity of not only themselves, but also the community. A part of the couple's long-term plans is being implemented with the support of the "Green Agriculture Initiative" (EU-GAIA) project co-financed by the European Union and the Austrian Development Cooperation.

Before applying for the program, the couple had a plot of land where they cultivated cucumbers, beans, garlic, and greens. With the intention of expanding the business and practicing green agriculture, they have recently acquired another plot of land, along with a dilapidated house, with the aim of turning it into a guest house and growing organic, including non-traditional, crops on the plot.

David and Lena learned about the project in 2021, and in 2022 they were already provided with a 180 square meter greenhouse, a drip system, a 5 kW solar panel and a motor block that loosens the soil.  For the near future, they have planned to purchase a cold storage facility on their own, which is necessary to store broccoli and will also serve to store the food of other broccoli farmers.

“We fertilize the soil not with chemicals, but with manure,” says David, “The first harvest we received is cucumbers, which we deliver to city supermarkets under the brand name "Taste and Enjoy".   By the way, the demand for cucumbers is high, which makes us even more excited. Our goal is also to have a guest house, where guests will have the opportunity to use the produce of the greenhouse, personally pick and taste organic cucumbers and tomatoes, greens and berries.”

According to David and Lena, they got the knowledge about the competent management of agriculture and greenhouse economy thanks to the courses organized by the Austrian Development Agency. According to them, the program not only educates, but also provides an opportunity to be in different greenhouses and gardens for the  experience sharing purpose.

In that sense, Lena's participation in the agricultural course organized in the Republic of Austria and the "Biofach" exhibition held in Nuremberg, Germany, was particularly effective. She is convinced that such courses lead to a change in worldview, which the beneficiary later transfers to others in her environment. Lena returned from Austria with innovative green business ideas, and she wants to introduce what she heard, learned and saw there  in their community.

“Everything grows in our environment, we just have to work. In green agribusiness, the important thing is to change the way  people think, as well as the ability to competently sell your own products,  and we gladly convey the acquired knowledge about that to fellow citizens who apply to us,” says Lena.

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