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A master of decorative and applied art who has participated in more than 100 exhibitions in Azerbaijan, Sona Maharramova grew up in an artistic family in Ganja. Though she is young, she has extensive creative and teaching experience, primarily in the art of painting on glass.
The province of Aghjabedi in Azerbaijan is a rural and heavily agricultural district. Growing crops and livestock farming are main economic activities that locals are engaged in here.
Lala Gurbanaliyeva lives with her husband in Yukhari Tala, a village in Zagatala, a mountainous region of Azerbaijan. They have two sons, 30 and 32, both of whom have their own families. By education, Lala is a construction engineer.
One of the country’s first private clinics continues to improve the quality of medical services.
“The EU support helped us become bolder,” says Gedebey-based Rukhsara Mammadova. Having mastered financial literacy, Mammadova was able to go ahead and launch a second successful business.

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