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Agriculture is a standard occupation for those who live in rural areas or own farmland. Many people choose animal husbandry because it’s a fairly profitable business.
A favourable climate and pristine nature go a long way to develop poultry farms in Azerbaijan’s north-western Shamkir region.
A highly skilled tailor and craftswoman, an inspiring teacher and motivator, a businesswoman and entrepreneur — or perhaps more accurately a ‘social entrepreneur’… Mirvari Azizova is all of these things at once in addition to being the mother of two daughters and a change-maker in her local community.
Sohrab Ismayilov starts his day with a traditional bowl of khash in the market of his hometown of Zaqatala at a small restaurant run by his lifelong friend Harun Nurayev.
A 46-year-old farmer with a knack for organisation and adaptation, Nizami Musayev has been growing and selling persimmon for the past fifteen years in Balakan. His family is one of many small households who have helped Azerbaijan become a leading producer of this fruit.

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