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Sohrab Ismayilov starts his day with a traditional bowl of khash in the market of his hometown of Zaqatala at a small restaurant run by his lifelong friend Harun Nurayev.
A 46-year-old farmer with a knack for organisation and adaptation, Nizami Musayev has been growing and selling persimmon for the past fifteen years in Balakan. His family is one of many small households who have helped Azerbaijan become a leading producer of this fruit.
Shaki is known as the ‘the city of crafts’ for good reason. For centuries, this city in the north-west of Azerbaijan has been home to artists, craftspeople and merchants plying their skills and trades in the production and selling of headscarves (kelaghayi), silk carpets, painting, wood carving, ceramics and coppersmithery.
From the village of Mukhakh in the Zaqatala district in north-western Azerbaijan, Tahmina Isayeva started a small business drying fruits a few months before COVİD-19 hit the world.
More and more women in Azerbaijan are interested in entrepreneurship. But often they don’t have the resources, knowledge or financial support necessary to turn their ideas into reality, or to expand an existing business.

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