The EU is supporting SMEs through 100+ projects in the Eastern Partnership region

Start date: 30.08.2023
End date: 07.11.2026
Project Objectives: increased inclusion of digital tools in SMEs’ daily operations; encouragement of SMEs to invest in digitalization.
Start date: 17.08.2023
End date: 16.08.2026
This project will create a more conducive business environment in the agribusiness and apparel sectors in Armenia, contributing to better livelihoods and decent employment.
Start date: 22.06.2023
End date: 22.06.2026
The project will contribute to sustainable and equitable recovery and economic competitiveness of Ukraine through strengthened and EU compliant competition and State aid frameworks, aligned with requirements of Ukraine’s accession process towards the EU membership.
Start date: 05.05.2023
End date: 15.03.2028
Senior debt in local currency (GEL).to Crystal MFI. The project aims to support the development of its loan portfolio for vulnerable people. Crystal is Georgia’s leading financial inclusion organization and its largest by assets non-banking financial institution.
Start date: 28.04.2023
End date: 28.04.2026
The 'EU for SMEs' project aims to contribute to resilient, sustainable, and inclusive economic development and support the green transition in the Republic of Moldova. It is also improving the investment climate, employability, and business environment for SMEs, particularly in rural areas.
Start date: 20.04.2023
End date: 31.01.2029
The initiative aims to boost women's entrepreneurship and overall involvement in business across EaP countries by enhancing access to both financial and non-financial business development services.
Start date: 19.04.2023
End date: 18.12.2026
The PCGF is crafted to strengthen Ukraine's agricultural industry by providing guarantees to local banks.
Start date: 18.04.2023
End date: 18.08.2029
Top up. The facility provides AraratBank with an opportunity to deepen business lending in more vulnerable segments of the economy, in a risk controlled manner: it enables the bank to gain more experience and data needed to develop new production lines and products (more flexibility and adjusted collateral requirements).
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