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Armenia. In 2021, the state will allocate about 520,000,000 AMD (more than $1 million) to support small and medium-sized businesses in Armenia. According to the Ministry of Economy, businesses will receive the necessary consulting services, training courses, and vocational training to improve access to finance.
Armenia. According to the World Bank’s latest report, the economic and social measures to mitigate the pandemic cost Armenia’s budget around 2.3% of GDP. The report states that revenues fell by 6% yoy resulting in the deficit of around 1.7% of projected annual GDP in the year-to-July.
Armenia. Armenia has lifted the Covid-19 state of emergency and introduced a nationwide “quarantine” regime until January 11, 2021. It keeps requirements for wearing facemasks in all public areas and enforces social distancing and hygiene rules for businesses.
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Modern trade requires goods to be purchased, stored, handled and transported in the most effective manner across the globe. To that end, effective logistics management is key in helping companies reduce cost, improve product availability, shorten delivery times, all the while providing a service of quality to the customers, leading to an improvement in their capacity to compete in global markets.