New opportunities under the project “EU4Business: Connecting Companies”

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New opportunities under the project “EU4Business: Connecting Companies”

The EU4Business: Connecting Companies project is proud to announce an extension until December 2024. This development opens the door to a range of new activities specially designed for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Business Support Organizations (BSOs) from both the European Union and the Eastern Partnership.

As a result of this extension, we are proud to present our inaugural event, the "Online B2B and BSO2BSO Matchmaking Event" scheduled on 5 December 2023. This virtual gathering will feature separate sessions for BSOs and SMEs, offering a unique platform for cross-regional collaboration, knowledge exchange, and the promotion of sustainable growth.

Register today and start connecting and networking with other participants in the Attendee Hub, the virtual platform crafted for this event. Registration link.

Circle 5 December on your calendars, and don't miss out our inaugural event, where participants will not only forge valuable connections but also gain firsthand insights about the various activities that will be launched in 2024. Many of these activities are tailored as discovery missions and business tours with matchmaking sessions between EaP and EU SMEs and BSOs.

Are you already curious about what is in store for the next year? Visit EU4BCC website at for a preview of our upcoming activities.

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