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This report is prepared within the annual “EU-Azerbaijan Business Forum” funded by European Union since 2015. The forum aims to promote the economic cooperation between the EU and Azerbaijan.
ITC “Ready to Trade Project – an EU4Business Initiative” has recently presented the third updated catalogue of Ukrainian berry exporters. The 2020 edition contains information about 48 export-oriented berry companies with details about the assortment, production...
The European Enterprise Network is the world's largest SME support network with an annual budget of € 63 million, operating in 66 countries.
The European Cluster Cooperation Platform provides information support to cluster organizations, promotes business relations and international cooperation, and increases the efficiency and competitiveness of clusters.
Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs gives young entrepreneurs the opportunity to gain business management skills by learning from an entrepreneur from another country. The EYE program covers 38 countries, including the EU.

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