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Oksana Bas is a leading ambassador for green tourism in Ukraine’s Vinnytsia Oblast. Thanks to her energy, this once little-known branch of the recreation business in Ukraine became a way to showcase the country’s cultural heritage – it attracted tens of thousands of tourists to the Ukrainian countryside prior to the start of the full-scale war.
In the summer of 2023, the Mystetskyi Arsenal National Art and Culture Museum Complex in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv hosted the East Expo 2023 trade fair – an event of utmost importance for Ukraine.
The overregulation of business has long been a problem for the Ukrainian economy. Even though the state made progress in simplifying business operations in the last few years before the full-scale Russian invasion and war, some outdated and frankly “harmful” regulatory acts are still obstructing the growth of economic activity.
The small town of Trostianets in Sumy region was one of the first in Ukraine to find out what being “liberated” by Russia actually entails. In just one month under occupation by Russian invasion forces, the town was “liberated” of practically every one of its laptop and desktop computers, and the warehouses of its businesses were looted of their goods.
Vitalii Merezhko, Deputy Director of the “Dniester” International Agricultural Cluster (Vinnytsia, Ukraine), underwent a 2-week Job shadowing training at the FEMAC Agricultural Cluster (Lleida, Spain) Under the EU4Business programme.

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