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In the recent years, more and more young female entrepreneurs have managed to turn their passion into a successful business. The fields preferred by women are countless, proving once again that female entrepreneurship is gaining more and more ground.
We live in the world where children have access to smart toys and cutting-edge technologies, and books seem to lose ground. If we talk about personalized sensory books, colored and decorated with different elements, then the attraction grows.
Tourists and lovers of quality wines and picturesque locations in the Republic of Moldova can add another destination to their favorites, namely „Crama Mircesti” – the business, which expanded with the support of the European Union under its EU4Business initiative.
EU4Business support providing animal-loving entrepreneurs in Moldova with business opportunities. Four-legged friends are an important part of many people's lives, bringing pet owners companionship, unconditional love, and a close relationship with part of the natural world.
EU4Business helps Moldovan farmers go high-tech with modern agricultural drones. The information technology revolution is now feeding back into humankind’s oldest revolution, the agricultural revolution, with high-tech solutions to age-old farming problems now finding their ways to fields across the planet.

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