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With its unique taste and aromatic qualities, Georgian tea has had an honourable place on the world’s tea map for years. Now that the Georgian government has a programme in place, more and more local entrepreneurs have decided to restore old tea plantations and bolster organic tea production.
“It all started with my strange physiology,” Vamekh Kherkheulidze, the CEO of Elven Tech shrugs with an apologetic grin as he sits down in his office in Tbilisi, Georgia. “I am always feeling hot – it’s such a nuisance.”
21.10.2021 is one of the largest hazelnut producing companies in Georgia, which exports locally produced hazelnuts in various forms worldwide. The company delivers 2,000 tonnes of finished hazelnut products to world-famous brands, chocolate and ice cream industries, bakers, and distributors annually.
When Mzia Bendeliani returned to the Georgian city of Kutaisi after 12 years of being away in Greece, she faced a problem — she could not buy good-quality bread anywhere in the city.
Kaya – formerly Climate Service – is a small firm in Georgia. Its story is a testament that, for small businesses, time is one of the most valuable assets. The EBRD and the European Union worked with the company to introduce sound financial management practices.

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