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Rural tourism entrepreneurs in Azerbaijan’s Northwest are reaping the rewards of cooperation with Italy’s experienced tourism sector. The EU initiative, Ruralis Tornare, roughly translated as ‘returning to rural’, recognises the potential for growth in rur...
BMI LLC, a copper manufacturer in Azerbaijan, has successfully adapted its financial statements to comply with international standards, all thanks to funding from the European Union (EU) under the EU4Business Initiative, combined with support from the European Bank for Reconstruc...
When a local bookstore’s growth was outpacing its inventory capacity, its owner turned to the IT experts at the Small Business Support team (SBS) for help. In 2001, with just an initial investment of USD 600, Ms Kocharli set up a book store. With this money, she bought book...
Thanks to an EU-funded course on financial management, hairdresser Turkan Panahova is now the proud owner of her own successful beauty salon. Turkan Panahova, a young hairdresser in Azerbaijan, was struggling to make her business work. Although business was good, she had trouble...

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