EU4Business Country Report 2018 - Ukraine

This EU4Business country report offers an in-depth assessment of the current macroeconomic and business environment in Ukraine including that in which SMEs operate. Particular emphasis is therefore on development of SMEs in the country and how has EU4Business project portfolio supports that objective. It also analyses the other donor and public sector programmes aimed at SMEs with an assessment of the gap and future needs.

EU4Business Secretariat prepared this third Country Report to analyse the developments and achievements of the EU4Business initiative in each of the Eastern Partnership countries (EaP). The 2018 Country Reports add two new elements: the results of an SME survey and the outcome of round tables of EU4Business stakeholders carried out in each EaP country. Research across the sections of the Report looks at the four key pillars of EU4Business and assesses progress and makes recommendations that are relevant for Ukraine.

Detailed results of the survey of SMEs benefiting from the EU4Business finance facility are also provided within. They provide an overview of the impact of EU4Business, as perceived by the beneficiary enterprises themselves. The materials presented here will support the reform discourse in Ukraine, contributing to further enhancement of the SME climate and regulatory framework.

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