Support to MSMEs sector in the Republic of Moldova: BGK amortised loan to ODA – FACEM Fund

Project Objectives

The purpose of the Project is to support the development of the MSME Sector in the Republic of Moldova. The Project will be supported by a Commission grant, with a purpose of subsidizing part of the interest rates of the BGK loan in the amount of 5 m EUR to the Republic of Moldova and to implement the technical assistance. Main objectives of the Project focus on supporting credit action to Moldovan micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in order to boost entrepreneurship development. Additionally, TA activities under the Project will be pursued by BGK and Solidarity Fund PL.

Therefore, TA activities will be organized in three dimensions: 

  1. Component 1 – targeting ODA: the main objective is to help ODA to implement the new product (loans to selected Moldovan banks, which will finance local final recipients through credits granted for investments) in line with the EU standards and applicable to the needs of potential beneficiaries (to be designed in partnership with ODA, BGK and Energy Efficiency Agency, if needed). BGK will provide support to ODA in the implementation and administration of financial instruments. 
  2. Component 2 – targeting ODA (and other relevant stakeholders and intermediary beneficiaries that could mobilize potential beneficiaries, such as Energy Efficiency Agency): the objective is to design a proper technical assistance framework for potential beneficiaries (in partnership with ODA, financial intermediaries, CSOs, rural development networks etc.). Responsible entity: Solidarity Fund PL; 
  3. Component 3 – targeting potential local beneficiaries in the Republic of Moldova: the goal is to support the stakeholders during the application process. Responsible entity: Solidarity Fund PL.

Implementing partner

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