SMEs Competitiveness in Ukraine and Moldova - NIP contract

Project Objectives

The main objective of the Action is to provide urgent support to war-affected SMEs in Moldova and Ukraine in their business recovery needs and to overcome challenges and disruptions caused by the war on Ukraine in the supply chains, energy sector, and capital investment, as well as in supporting alignment with the EU acquis communautaire as part of the EU accession path of these two countries. The EU contribution will help to address the large capital expenditure investment gap that SMEs in Moldova and Ukraine currently face in order to remain operational, competitive, and rebuild their business processes toward more advanced and greener technologies promoted under the Action, with the objective of supporting approximation to EU standards. The Action targets Moldova and Ukraine as these are the most heavily affected countries in the Eastern Partnership region as a result of the war on Ukraine and given that the two countries were granted EU candidate country status on 23 June 2022.

Implementing partner

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