Establishment of a Technology and Creative Industries Hub in Kapan

Project Description

TUMO Center for Creative Technologies (TUMO) is a dynamic educational hub blending education, creativity, and technology. Since 2011, TUMO has offered a free after-school program empowering teenagers to direct their learning. With over 22,000 students weekly in TUMO centers and TUMO Boxes across Armenia, it provides self-learning activities, workshops, and project labs targeting 14 learning objectives. Expanding its reach to Kapan, TUMO Kapan will be housed in the historic Kapan Railway Station, dating back to 1932.

Project Objectives

The overall objective of this action, and its impact will be increased market readiness and competitiveness of current and next generation, reduced emigration, enhanced economic potential. This will be achieved by investing in soft infrastructure focusing on educational and workforce development, increasing access to education, training opportunities, and the employability potential of youth, young adults, women and adults in Kapan. In addition, it will support the exploration of new businesses and enterprises, through developing their competitive and entrepreneurial potential, equipping them with adequate skills through non-formal training and entrepreneurship education. There will also be investment into the hard infrastructure to open the TUMO Kapan Hub, where its programs will be housed, this in turn will improve the overall business environment, making Kapan a more attractive area to opportunities, both financially and economically.

Implementing partner

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