Enhancing private sector-led economic growth in Dilijan and adjacent communities

Project Description

The project aims to revitalize the abandoned Soviet sewing factory into DILIJAN FACTORY, a modern space fostering collaboration among enterprises and individuals, stimulating creativity and idea exchange while reducing entrepreneurial risk. The initiative includes renovating the building, establishing production units with market access, creating a Business Support Center, a Coworking Center with Incubator and Accelerator, and a Hospitality Business Association.

Project Objectives

The Overall Objective of the Action is to enhance economic growth and job creation in the enlarged Dilijan community. The enablers to tackle this growth are (1) implications of social economy - cooperation of enterprises in business associations and cooperatives, (2) institutional support to business - from advisory and administrative matters to education and outsourced services, (3) business clusters - bringing the members of sectorial value chains together, both physically and virtually.

Implementing partner

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