Creative Accelerator Program (CAP)

Project Description

The "Creative Accelerator Program" (CAP), initiated by the Armenian General Benevolent Union Armenia (AGBU) and Creative Armenia (CA), aims to revitalize Armenia's creative industry ecosystem, promoting a flourishing creative economy. It addresses knowledge and skills gaps among creative professionals and support services, focusing on creative ideation, production, and market distribution. The program consists of five key components: Incubation & Acceleration for Creative Agents, Support to Creative Enablers, CCI Showcase Events, Establishing an Armenian Arts Council, and Spaces for Creatives.

Project Objectives

The global objective is to vitalize the CCI ecosystem in Armenia, its creative agents and enablers, to catalyze a thriving creative economy. The design of the Action takes a full cycle approach, thinking of the process from creative ideation, to production, to market distribution. For this reason, the action addresses existing knowledge and skills gaps not only for creative professionals, but also within existing support services, institutions and infrastructure. The Specific Objectives are to 1) empower creative professionals with capacity building in business, finance, and marketing, and increased access to funding in order to be competitive players in a global market; and to 2) bridge gaps in existing services, institutions and infrastructure via CCI awareness building, trainings and investment.

Implementing partner

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