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European Fund for South East Europe (EFSE)

EUR 14,300 (Average sub-loan disbursed amount since inception until Q2|2017)
Investment focus: 
All SMEs

The fund provides small loans, including in local currency, and assistance to micro (fewer than 10 employees) and small (fewer than 50 employees) enterprises (MSEs), as well as to low-income private households, via local banks. Support is available to MSEs in sectors such as agriculture, industry, trade and services.

The EFSE operates through local partner lending institutions , including commercial banks, microfinance banks, microcredit organisations and non-bank financial institutions such as leasing companies. They on-lend funds received from the EFSE to the ultimate target group of MSEs and low-income households. 


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The European Fund for South East Europe operates via partner banks:

Bank of Georgia
Tel: +995 32 2 444 444

MFO Credo
Tel: +995 591 44 24 24

MFO Crystal
Tel: +995 599 453413

ProCredit Bank Georgia
Tel: +995 32 2202222

TBC Bank
Tel: + 995 322 27 27 27