Business simulation exercise for SMEs in Vinnytsia

'Entrepreneur' simulation training
25/04/2019 to 26/04/2019

Entrepreneurs are invited to sign up for a two-day training in the form of a business simulation where they will enact three years in the life of a company. The training takes place in Vinnytsia on 25-26 April, organised by the Vinnytsia Business Support Centre together with the EBRD, as part of the EU4Business initiative.

The deadline for registration is 23 April.

The ‘Entrepreneur’ simulation gives participants an opportunity to look at the business as a whole, consider different cases of the company’s activity and the market impact on it, forecast the financial performance of the business and learn how to optimize its activity. 

The simulation will help to:

  • analyze key financial performance indicators of the business and understand the role of a certain manager or unit in achieving the company’s goals;
  • increase the effectiveness of interaction with other departments in order to assure efficiency and profitability of the entire company;
  • learn how to motivate employees to think through business categories, and not just through job description;
  • learn how to interact with business partners successfully;
  • learn how to manage company’s cash flows properly. 

The Vinnytsia Business Support Centre is part of the EU-funded Network of Business Support Centres, implemented in Ukraine by the EBRD, with the aim of improving improve the competitiveness and bankability of Ukrainian SMEs through the provision of business advice and capacity building. At least 30,000 SMEs and entrepreneurs will benefit from the project.


25-26/04/19, 10:00-18:00


The deadline for registration is 23 April.

Cost of participation: UAH 2,850

Misto Zmistiv Hub
11, Pushkin str.