BSO round table to promote Belarus SMEs on international markets

BSO round table
17/12/2018 to 20/12/2018

A three-day event on the role of BSOs in supporting SME exports takes place in the Belarusian capital Minsk from 17-20 December, organised by the International Trade Centre as part of the EU4Business Ready to Trade project.

One of the key elements for SMEs to develop sustainable competitiveness and presence in international markets is the development and availability of a dynamic network of support for small and medium enterprises capable of providing services to improve their competitiveness, as well as promote the development of their exports.

The round table on BSO infrastructure in Belarus is organised by the International Trade Centre in cooperation with the Belarusian Fund for the Support to Entrepreneurs with the financial support of the EU4Business programme, as a way to promote the internationalisation of Belarusian SMEs and their entry into international markets, with a priority on the EU market.

The event will be facilitated by international expert Miguel Camaho from International Trade Centre, who will share his knowledge and international experience to discuss various areas of business support infrastructure.

Participants will raise their level of awareness and understanding of the role of the business support infrastructure in the development of a diversified and sustainable export success of the country.

At the end of the event, participants stakeholders can, if interested, seek targeted technical support from the International Trade Centre in areas needed to strengthen their capacity to promote Belarusian SMEs to international value chains and global markets.

The topics for the training are:

Day 1: Defining the strategy for the development of business support infrastructure (BSI): the essence of the strategy, the main issues in the development of BSI subjects, a list of services for businesses.

Day 2: Services to facilitate, develop and promote export.

Day 3: Optimization of customer service by BSI subjects: essence, goal, methodology of achievement, international experience. Effective management of BSOs: advantages and opportunities.

Day 4: Conference: SME Support Infrastructure activities: Exchange of Experience, Summing Up, Issues, and Perspectives for development.

Eastern Partnership: Ready to Trade - an EU4Business initiative helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to access new markets with a focus on the EU, helping SMEs identify and comply with quality and standards to meet international requirements, linking them with buyers along the value chain, and providing cluster support.

In Belarus, the project supports the textile and clothing sector, assisting SMEs in producing value added goods in accordance with international and EU market requirements and linking with EU markets. While the project is mainly focused on SMEs, targeted assistance to local BSOs, including national trade promotion organisations, is also provided. Support is directed to helping companies access the EU market, through targeted capacity-building, advisory services and market access activities.




Entrance is free, but the number of seats is limited to 35 participants. Preliminary registration is required. For registration and more information, please contact Andrei Fedarau, national Ready to Trade project manager in Belarus (mob: + 375 33 630 01 60, e-mail: or the Belarusian Fund for Financial Support to Entrepreneurs (