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The following presentation provides a brief introduction to the concept of social entrepreneurship ​which emphasizes community development. This document addresses certain key aspects of social entrepreneurship such as its vision, mission and four main strategic directi...
This regional position paper, endorsed at the final East Invest 2 project conference in Kyiv on 21 June 2017, was drafted with the input of around 200 business associations in the six EaP countries. Addressed to the governments of the six Eastern partner countries, the...
The IT industry plays a key role in the economy of Belarus. During the last 10 years Belarus’s IT industry has distinguished itself from other sectors of the economy by steadily growing revenues, exports, workforce, and other indicators. Find more information in the report.
The EFSE aims to foster economic development and prosperity in the Southeast Europe region and in the European Eastern neighbourhood region through the sustainable provision of additional development finance, notably to micro and small enterprises and to private househo...
The report was produced as part of the Supporting SME Competitiveness Reforms in the Eastern Partner countries programme, implemented by the OECD under the EU4Business initiative. It is based on discussions and reviews by members of the dedicated project Working Group a...

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