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SMEs can grow their businesses by accessing cutting edge innovations. For example a restaurant in the Belarusian capital Minsk has developed the country’s first mobile restaurant app with the advice and support of the EBRD.

Founded in 2007, Sushi-Bar Manga has been keen to pay close attention to international trends in the restaurant business. The business was interested in using innovative techniques to attract new customers and increase the popularity of their delivery service.

Advice and know-how

In order to achieve this, a local technology consultant created an online app that works on both Android and Apple phones. The EBRD brought in a project specialist who helped to ensure that the project conformed to e-marketing best practices. The specialist followed the project from planning right through to implementation.

The consultant:

  • Defined the costs, schedule, scope and objectives of the project in the preparation stage
  • Designed the app, developing the layout of the main pages for both operating systems
  • Programmed and tested the developed solutions
  • Published the app in mobile application stores like AppStore and Googleplay
  • Created the web platform that is used by Sushi-Bar staff to control the app and trained them in how to use it


The final app allows customers to order food, book a table, see a map of the location of the restaurant and invite friends, and included a personal account and news feed feature.

Since the launch of the new app, Sushi-Bar Manga’s food deliveries have doubled, and their sales have increased by 30 %. In fact, the app has proved so successful that the owner of Sushi-Bar Manga is now working with the consultant on a similar app for their sister chain of pizzerias.

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