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Project / Programme Company type Finance type Type of instruments Amount Investment Focus Short description
DCFTA programmes
SME Finance Facility Phase II
All Loan UAH equivalent of EUR 250 000 All SMEs

This programme focuses on stimulating low-interest local currency lending, especially for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in Ukraine that are not earning foreign currency and cannot afford the high costs of borrowing.

DCFTA Initiative East
Micro, Small, Medium, Midcaps, Others Loan, Guarantee, Technical Assistance a) For Guarantee Facility: Loans up to EUR 5 million; b) For Microfinance Facility: Loans up to EUR 25,000 All SMEs

The DCFTA Initiative East supports the smallest businesses (micro-enterprises with less than 10 employees) with loans through local microfinance institutions, provides finance and business support to the agri-food sector, and supports local banks to help them improve lending terms and conditions (lower interest rates and lower collateral requirements) for SMEs that are looking to invest in modern and innovative technology.

DCFTA SME Direct Finance Facility
Small, Medium Loan Aimed at businesses generating over EUR 1 million in turnover

This programme is designed to improve access to finance for small and medium-sized enterprises, provide long-term financing in local currency, help SMEs identify investments in new business opportunities and assist them in their successful implementation.

Regional programmes
European Fund for South East Europe (EFSE)
Micro, Small, Medium Loan EUR 51,309 (Average sub-loan disbursed amount since inception until Q2|2017) All SMEs

The fund provides small loans, including in local currency, and assistance to micro (fewer than 10 employees) and small (fewer than 50 employees) enterprises (MSEs), as well as to low-income private households, via local banks. Support is available to MSEs in sectors such as agriculture, industry, trade and services.

Bilateral programmes
Direct finance from the EBRD, supported through the EU4Business initiative
Small, Medium, Large Loan, Grants Aimed at businesses generating over EUR 1 million in turnover

This programme supports Ukrainian SMEs generating over €1 million in annual turnover, offering a wide range of financing instruments including senior loans, subordinated and/or convertible loans, or preferred or common equity.