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Project / Programme Company type Finance type Type of instruments Amount Investment Focus Short description
DCFTA programmes
DCFTA SME Direct Finance Facility
Small, Medium Loans Aimed at businesses generating over EUR 1 million in turnover

The programme helps SMEs to identify investments in new business opportunities and greater efficiency that will put them in good position to access new export markets.

DCFTA Initiative East
Micro, Small, Medium, Midcaps, Others Loan/Guarantee/ Technical Assistance a) For Guarantee Facility: Loans up to EUR 5 million; b) For Microfinance Facility: Loans up to EUR 25,000 All

The DCFTA Initiative East aims at improving lending terms and conditions for small businesses looking to invest in modern and innovative technology and it also supports lending for micro-enterprises with under 10 employees.

EU4Business-EBRD Credit Line
Small, Medium Loans and trade finance All SMEs

This initiative supports business modernisation projects necessary to achieve compliance with EU rules and production standards under the DCFTA agreed with the EU.

Regional programmes
Eastern Partnership: Ready to Trade - an EU4Business initiative
Small, Medium Technical assistance Export oriented SMEs

The project supports the apparel sector in Moldova, assisting exporting and export-ready SMEs in producing value added goods in accordance with international and EU market requirements and linking with EU markets.