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Project / Programme Company type Finance type Type of instruments Amount Investment Focus Short description
Regional programmes
European Fund for South East Europe (EFSE)
Micro, Small, Medium Loan EUR 22,161 (Average sub-loan disbursed amount since inception until Q2|2017) All SMEs

The fund provides small loans and assistance to micro (fewer than 10 employees) and small (fewer than 50 employees) enterprises (MSEs), as well as to low-income private households, via local banks.

Women in Business
Small, Medium, Large Loan EBRD finance facility of USD 135 million for the region Women-led business

Under the programme, women-led SMEs can access finance through dedicated credit lines provided to local banks, alongside business advice to help them become more competitive. The programme also offers training, mentoring and other support to enable women entrepreneurs to share experiences and learn from each other as peers.