Advice for small businesses in Belarus

Start/end date: 
2017 - 2021
Implementing partner: 
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
EU budget: 
€6 million

The programme enhances the competitiveness of SMEs in Belarus operating across a wide range of sectors, with a focus on regional development, by increasing entrepreneurial skills, financial literacy, and the ability to adjust to markets within and outside Belarus. It increases the capacity of SMEs at the local/rayon level in order to increase the contribution of SMEs to the country’s economic growth.


The main objective is to contribute to sustainable social and economic development in the regions of Belarus, with a focus on those regions with low competitiveness, by supporting local economic initiatives that develop the private sector, increase job creation and promote the country’s economic growth and diversification.


Local (rayon) based SMEs in Belarus


  • Improving SME competitiveness, performance and productivity through qualified business advice targeting mainly local level beneficiaries (50% of advisory support outside Minsk). Advisory support to SMEs is provided by international industry advisers, as well as local consultants
  • Strengthening the quality and supply of local business advisory services, and strengthening the institutional capacities of professional associations of consultants and intermediary business support organisations, primarily outside Minsk and regional capitals. EBRD training is provided to at least 100 local consultants, enabling them to deliver business support on the local market.
  • Transfer of industry know-how to SMEs through the dissemination of best practices and success models targeting local beneficiaries. Includes sector development activities (workshops), addressing specific market gaps and/or opportunities, and the dissemination of case-studies, lessons learnt and sector and management best practices (round-tables, seminars, etc.).



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