Ukrainian berry sector gets ready for the German market: one-day training on how to export to Germany

The ITC training in Kyiv included a Skype video link with an expert in Germany

On December 20 2018, in Kyiv, the International Trade Centre in partnership with the Ukrainian Berries Association facilitated a one-day training on how to export fresh and frozen berries to Germany for Ukrainian export-oriented berry companies. The event took place under the framework of the European Union-funded project ‘Eastern Partnership: Ready to Trade – an EU4Business initiative’.

More than 25 participants from 14 companies and local institutions took part in the training. It was a unique experience, as part of the training was conducted via Skype video from Germany, directly interacting with a German market expert.

The main objective of the training was to provide an overview of the German berry market and practical recommendations on German export specificities.

Mariia Shevchuk from the state Export Promotion Office presented opportunities of state support for exporting targeted at Ukrainian exporters. She also promoted the idea of the creation of an official export brand of Ukraine, as a distinguishing element that would be part of the Ukrainian national export strategy.

Torsten Peicha, the German fresh market expert, presented direct requirements and important information as to the fresh market export features. An open discussion took place between the expert and the audience regarding fresh market trends, packaging and safety requirements of German buyers.

Iryna Kukhtina, national expert with more than 10 years of experience in the procurement of fresh and frozen berries, presented an overview of the German berry market and its comparison to the Ukrainian one.

Yuliia Galashevska, Organic Standard representative, presented an overview of the organic certification process, as well as organic requirements for the German berry market.

The event was aimed at strengthening the knowledge and understanding of Ukrainian berry exporters towards the German market, whilst giving a better understanding of the forthcoming exhibitions: FRUIT LOGISTICA 2019, Berlin and BIOFACH 2019, Nuremberg where a delegation of Ukrainian berry exporters will attend with the support of the project.

The Eastern Partnership: Ready to Trade project helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to access new markets with a focus on the EU, helping SMEs identify and comply with quality and standards to meet international requirements, linking them with buyers along the value chain, and providing cluster support.