Moldovan SMEs set to benefit from €1 million in funding

The project helps Moldovan SMEs access new markets and build a stronger economy.

The export potential of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in Moldova is set to benefit from a 1 million boost in funding from the European Union (EU).

Helping SMEs access new markets

According to the Moldovan organisation responsible for attracting foreign investment and promoting exports (MIEPO), the country’s SMEs are set to benefit from €1 million in EU funding. The funding is earmarked to develop the export potential of Moldova’s SMEs.

Source of funding

The funding comes through an EU framework project dedicated to integrating Eastern Partnership countries’ SMEs into domestic and global supply chains. The total amount of funding is €6 million, with €1 million allocated to each of the six Eastern Partnership countries.

The funds will be made available in March 2017.