EBRD and EU4Business offer free learning opportunities for business


Since March 2020, entrepreneurs can learn at online-events of the Business Information Support Centers (BISCs) and the Merezha online platform.

Business Information Support Centers have already reoriented 10 out of 40 planned events to the online format:

  • Management effectiveness program for medical centers;
  • Sectoral Program of Business management in the health and beauty industry;
  • Training "Practical steps for creating an effective HACCP system at a food enterprise";
  • Training “Digital business strategy”;
  • Training "Methods of attracting and retaining staff in the company";
  • Training "Practical use of digital technologies for business development";
  • Training "Business processes: from formalization to optimization";
  • Training “HR energy for SMEs: creating an effective people management system and communication”;
  • Training "Proving conformity of products to market requirements in the conditions of "industrial visa-free regime";
  • Training “Marketing and customer capture in the hotel and restaurant business”.

More details and registration: https://www.bisc.org.ua/events.

According to the joint decision of the EU, EBRD and BISCs, all trainings will be held free of charge until the end of quarantine, except for the 12-day sectoral program for medical centers. Its cost has been reduced 4 times, from 22 to 5 thousand hryvnia, the rest is compensated by the EU under its EU4Business Initiative.

The only problem the BISCs currently face is the prejudice on behalf of entrepreneurs that online learning is difficult. But this is where the BISCs also see their mission so far, namely to accelerate business digitization in the regions where technologies are adopted slower.

Entrepreneurs can also use the new Merezha online platform. They can find case studies, online events, answers and consultations from leading experts in the following areas: marketing, export, certification, lean manufacturing, finance, HR, systematization of business processes, franchising, etc. Currently over 100 business experts and 700 companies are registered on the platform.

To get advice from experts on Merezha, entrepreneurs have to choose their current business need. Then he/she selects several experts from those offered by the platform. Everyone's experience can be understood through 2-second video presentations and examples of case studies. Then an appointment with the chosen expert can be scheduled.

During quarantine, Merezha offers 1-3 hours of free expert consultations for business.

On 5 May, Merezha will run an online marathon for small and medium-sized businesses. Within the framework of the marathon there will be a conference for 500-700 SMEs and 15 anti-crisis workshops held by the platform experts. The conference will include 4 streams in the following areas: marketing and sales, business process automatization, strategy and operational effectiveness, export. Participation in the marathon is free.

Stay tuned and register: https://www.merezha.com.ua/