Chambers of Commerce in Spain and Ukraine link up for training under the EU4Business initiative

Iryna Halimska (left), acting vice-president of Volyn Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, underwent membership and services related training with the Seville Chamber of Commerce in Spain.

The BSO Exchange programme, developed by the East Invest 2 project, has continued to provide Eastern Partnership countries’ representatives with quality training at their EU counterparts.

The latest use of the facility was made by Iryna Halimska, acting vice-president of Volyn Chamber of Commerce and Industry in northwest Ukraine. She underwent training at Seville Chamber of Commerce in Spain from 4 to 7 July.

Her training, linked to membership and services, is part of an initiative by the Volyn organisation to introduce new services, increase its membership base and develop a marketing strategy to promote the services. 

Improving support for SMEs in Ukraine

The aim of the Chamber is to strengthen its support for SMEs in the Volyn oblast and increase its credibility towards existing and potential members.

Seville Chamber has helped Ms Halimska and the Volyn Chamber with ideas for building up their services in the areas of green economy and energy, as well as support to women entrepreneurs.

As part of this BSO Exchange Ms Halimska attended meetings with Spanish organisations such as CSIGE (the Smart Services Centre for Energy Management) and VUE (a one-stop shop for launching businesses).

Objectives of the BSO Exchange traineeships are to:

  • empower SME associations and related BSOs in EaP countries and increase their capacity in promoting a conducive business environment
  • ensure their increased and sustainable capacity in providing better specialised services to SME members
  • facilitate long-term partnerships and trade between SMEs and business associations in both EU and EaP countries.