Armenia: first round of BMO Academy launched by SMEDA project


The first round of the three-week Academy for Armenian Business Membership Organisations (BMOs) was launched this week, organised by the EU4Business SMEDA project (Support to SME Development in Armenia)

Around 13 participants representing Armenian BMOs that have SMEs as members were present to learn international best expertise on how to become an efficient organisational unit that supports, guides and advises SMEs.

The BMO Academy is composed of three weeks, with the first two weeks dedicated to training on BMO capacity building in internal and external communication strategy, PR, enhancing lobbying and advocacy skills, increasing membership, etc. followed by on-the-job training and coaching and a week of study tour to an EU country to become familiar with EU BMO experience and best practices.

SMEDA’s team leader Eva Naeher in her welcome speech stressed the importance of BMOs in developing the SME sector: “BMOs’ role is to present SMEs interests, voice their problems to the government, international partners and businesses, as well as guide, support and advise their member SMEs, hence the BMO Academy was created to enhance BMOs’ capacities in achieving these objectives.

The trainings will be run by two international experts with profound expertise in organisation development and practical work with BMOs in EU countries.

The EU4Business SMEDA project supports the improvement of the business and investment climate for SMEs in Armenia. It aims to strengthen the private sector, support SME coordination mechanisms, and foster links between research institutions and the private sector, as well as providing access to finance for SMEs.