Thanks to the EU4Business interest rates compensation programme for SMEs, Ukrainian businesses have an opportunity to receive investment loans at an interest rate of only 7.5%. The programme is implemented under the EU4Business Initiative by the German-Ukrainian Fund, with funding from the EU and Germany through the German Development Bank KfW.

Publishing and books face a steep challenge to survive in the digital age: in Moldova, the EBRD Advice for Small Businesses programme, financed by the European Union through the EU4Business initiative, has given the Litera Publishing House an opportunity to keep readers interested and business strong by supporting the creation of an online bookstore.

This Concept of the development of the market for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations – produced by the Better Regulation Delivery Office, with the support of the EU4Business FORBIZ project – is the direct outcome of the BRDO review of markets in ‘Energy Distribution’ and ‘Energy Efficiency for SMEs’, and the public consultation process supporting the review.