From Policies to Action: OECD workshop on monitoring implementation of SME development strategy in Ukraine

The EU supports Ukraine's SME strategy

On 20 February 2019, the OECD will organise the first workshop on monitoring the implementation of Ukraine’s SME strategy in the framework of the EU4Business project 'From Policies to Action'. 

The workshop will focus on good practice tools to monitor and report progress in the implementation of SME strategies and action plans, including key performance indicators to better assess the impact of implemented policies. It will also provide an opportunity to present the assessment framework for Ukraine’s monitoring review and hear from the Government about the status of the strategy implementation. 

The workshop will be structured in two sessions: 

• Session 1: Implementation status of Ukraine’s SME strategy. The OECD will present the assessment framework for the SME strategy monitoring; representatives from the Ministry of Economy (MEDT) and SMEDO will report on the status of the strategy implementation, followed by comments from the expert Janez Sustersic. 

• Session 2: Improving Ukraine’s monitoring system for a better implementation of the SME strategy, with a focus on KPIs. MEDT will present the existing monitoring system and processes; an international expert will provide an initial assessment of the existing monitoring system for the SME strategy in Ukraine. He will also share good practice tools used to monitor and report on strategy implementation with a focus on result-oriented KPIs.  

Building on the findings and recommendations of the SME Policy Index 2016, the Government of Ukraine has taken important steps to improve its policy environment for SMEs. In May 2017, the Cabinet of Ministers approved Ukraine's SME Development Strategy for the period until 2020 and the SME Development Office was set up in October 2018 to provide full technical assistance to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (MEDT) in the implementation of the SME Strategy and Action Plan. In this context, MEDT has requested OECD support to strengthen the institutional capacity to monitor the implementation of the SME Development Strategy.

The overall objective of the project is to build capacity in Ukraine’s institutions to implement and monitor the SME strategy. In order to meet this objective, the project will focus on the following activities: 

  • Assess progress in the implementation of Ukraine's SME Strategy; 
  • Provide support in establishing a better monitoring system for the SME strategy, including the design of result-oriented key performance  indicators through capacity building workshops;
  • Develop recommendations for better implementation and monitoring of the SME strategy.

The main beneficiaries of this project are the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (MEDT), the SME Development Office (SMEDO), other SME stakeholders involved in the implementation and monitoring of Ukraine’s SME strategy, as well as the broader SME community. 

EU4Business: From Policies to Action is a regional project implemented by the OECD, which supports competitiveness and business environment reforms in the Eastern Partnership countries, working both at country and regional level. 

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