Bridging science and technology: major forum in Yerevan

Science and Technology Convergence Forum
12/10/2018 to 13/10/2018

The Science and Technology Convergence (STC) Forum will take place in Yerevan from 12-13 October. Supported by EU-SMEDA and other partners, the forum will focus on the future of fundamental and applied research in Armenia. 

The Forum aims to encourage science and industry cooperation in the IT sector. It will consist of parallel sessions in 6 areas – Quantum Computing, Microelectronics, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Renewable Energy and Information Security – looking at the current status of scientific achievements, analysing and presenting issues, as well as investigating potential avenues of cooperation between science and technology. 

Through the sessions, members of the scientific community and industry will be able to share and exchange ideas on possible new projects, discuss ongoing developments and discuss issues that hinder the progress of either side. 

The conference will provide a platform for:

  • sharing research results and ideas that can spark new technological companies;
  • presenting current issues and challenges in the industry as opportunities for innovative research in various scientific directions;
  • bringing young generation of researchers together with industry leaders.

Besides presentations, a series of panel discussions are planned on following topics:

  • Machine Learning in Electronic Design Automation,
  • Quantum Computing in Armenia,
  • Information Technology and Renewable Energy.

The EU4Business SMEDA (Support to SME Development in Armenia) project supports the improvement of the business and investment climate for SMEs in Armenia. It aims to strengthen the private sector, support SME coordination mechanisms, and foster links between research institutions and the private sector, as well as providing access to finance for SMEs.



Armenian National Academy of Sciences
24 Marshal Baghramyan Ave