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Azerbaijan 2019 EU4Business General Assembly
Georgia EU4Business Jubilee Report
Armenia EU4Business Annual Report 2019
EU4Business General Assembly: looking back on a decade of achievements and forward to the challenges ahead

The third meeting of the EU4Business General Assembly took place on 28 June 2019 in Brussels, and marked the 10th anniversary of the EU4Business Initiative. During this high-level event, the EU4Business Secretariat shared the results achieved during the last decade, as well as the progress made specifically in 2018.

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EU4Business Jubilee Report: a decade of investing in SMEs in the Eastern Partnership

The EU4Business Jubilee report marks the 10th Anniversary of the initiative in 2019. It offers the reader concise information on the 10-year journey of the EU4Business Initiative, through milestones, as well as key facts, figures and achievements.

EU4Business Annual Report 2019: investing in SMEs in the Eastern Partnership

The 2019 Annual Report of EU4Business analyses the dynamics and achievements of the initiative over the past year, as well as providing an extensive presentation of how EU4Business has performed over a decade. The report also outlines a way forward, based on the views of more than 230 SME owners, implementing partners, national authorities, business support organisations, and others.

Country reports: investing in SMEs in the Eastern Partnership

EU4Business has published its six 2019 Country Reports, offering an in-depth assessment of the current macroeconomic and business environment in each country, with particular emphasis on the development of SMEs and how EU4Business supports that objective. The reports look at the four key pillars of EU4Business, assessing progress and making recommendations for each country. The 2019 Country Reports include two new elements: the detailed results of the SME focus group assessment and the stakeholder roundtable, with suggestions based on these results.



EU4Business Secretariat

Thank you and goodbye!

This is the last Newsletter from the present team of the EU4Business Secretariat. For three and a half years, we have had the privilege to support one of the best flagship initiatives of the European Commission, targeting the SME sector in the six countries in the Eastern Partnership. A core team of eight dedicated colleagues in Brussels and twelve liaison and communication officers in the Eastern Partner countries, all EY staff, worked continuously to monitor, report and communicate on EU4Business programmes and projects, as well as on related events.

Over these years, the EU4Business Secretariat has reached out to more than a thousand people in all six countries; it has analysed some 400 programme and project documents. Our reports reflect the views of more than 500 SME owners, implementing partners, national authorities, and business support organisations. We have collected 150 success stories from SMEs, offering an insight of what EU4Business means for them. And our efforts to attach ‘faces’ to the stories have not gone unnoticed: launched at the end of 2016, our website has grown from 29,000 users in 2017 to more than 120,000 today.

The efforts of the Secretariat would not have been successful without close cooperation with DG NEAR, the EU Delegations in the Partner countries, the national authorities and, last but not least, the implementers. We are in debt to all the entrepreneurs we met and spoke with. Their views and their stories have been a source of inspiration, and in turn we hope to have guided many small businesses towards EU4Business support.

Our team has carried out the work with heart and mind, realising that we are part of a history that will be remembered long after our job has been completed. We are sure the next Secretariat will serve EU4Business stakeholders and beneficiaries with the same passion and dedication as we did. At the same time, we will remain the most enthusiastic EU4Business ambassadors and we will certainly meet each other again!

Dr Julia Djarova (EY)
Team leader, EU4Business Secretariat

EU4Business is an EU initiative that helps SMEs in the six countries of the Eastern Partneship region to realise their full potential and boost economic growth.

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