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EaP Panel on Structural Reforms, Financial Sector architecture, agriculture and SMEs
EU4Business 2018 Annual Report
EU4Business 2018 Country Reports
EaP Panel on Structural Reforms, Financial Sector architecture, agriculture and SMEs

EU4Business presented its 2018 Annual Report highlighting key achievements at the Panel on ‘Structural reforms, Financial sector architecture, Agriculture and SMEs’, that took place in Brussels on 19 June, attended by some 60 programme stakeholders from all six Eastern Partner countries, the European Commission and the EU4Business Secretariat. The report shows EU4Business is well on track to meet the EU’s 2020 deliverables on SME development in the EaP region, with more than 10,000 SMEs in the region receiving loans under EU4Business in 2016-17, over 1,500 getting advisory services and 8,400 taking part in training under the initiative.

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EU4Business 2018 Annual Report

The first annual report of EU4Business, analysing the dynamics and achievements of the initiative over the period 2016-2017, as well as total consolidated figures since the initiative was launched in 2009. The report also outlines a way forward that is based on wide consultations with EU4Business stakeholders.

EU4Business 2018 Country Reports

EU4Business has published its six 2018 Country Reports, offering an in-depth assessment of the current macroeconomic and business environment in each country, with particular emphasis on the development of SMEs and how EU4Business projects support that objective. The reports look at the four key pillars of EU4Business, assessing progress and making recommendations for each country. The 2018 Country Reports include two new elements: the results of an SME survey of EU4Business beneficiaries, held in every country except Azerbaijan to assess the impact of loans received; and the outcome of round tables of EU4Business stakeholders carried out in each EaP country in the Spring of 2018 to assess progress and the way forward for the initiative.



EU4Business is an EU initiative that helps SMEs in the six countries of the Eastern Partneship region to realise their full potential and boost economic growth.

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