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November 2017
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Eastern Partnership Summit steps up business support pledges
Ukraine New local currency loans available to Ukrainian SMEs, thanks to EU4Business 
Ukraine 29/11/2017
Georgia Preparing Georgian SMEs for exporting to the EU
Georgia 22/11/2017

EaP Business Forum in Tallin: voices of business look to the future

2November  2017

A video report highlighting the main achievements and giving voice to the participants in the 4th Eastern Partnership Business Forum hosted in the Estonian capital Tallinn from 26-27 October around the theme of ‘Digital Economy: Innovative Platform for Transparent Borderless Business’. A traditional side event to the Eastern Partnership Summit and a major networking event, the Business Forum brought together 600 participants from the EU and the Eastern Partner countries and saw the signing of two important financial agreements.

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Eastern Partnership Summit steps up business support pledges

The 5th Eastern Partnership Summit took place in Brussels on 24 November, marking the achievements of the last two years in the EU's relationships with its six Eastern partners, while looking forward to implementing 20 deliverables by 2020 that will bring tangible benefits to citizens, including significant pledges in the area of business support.

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New local currency loans available to Ukrainian SMEs, thanks to EU4Business

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Ukraine now have access to a range of local currency loans in Hryvna, offered by local banks under the EU4Business initiative, in partnership with European Financial Institutions.

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From innovation to social entrepreneurs: how EU4Business helps SME development in Armenia and how the country’s entrepreneurs respond

Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in Armenia feel that their main problems start at their own borders, with the taxes and customs regulations applied by the Armenian authorities.

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EU4Business working group meeting on implementation of SME roadmap in Azerbaijan

A first public-private working group meeting on supporting the implementation and monitoring of Azerbaijan's SME Roadmap will take place on 7 December in Baku, as part of the project ‘EU4Business: From Policies to Action’, implemented by the OECD across the Eastern Partnership and funded by the EU in the framework of the EU4Business initiative.

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Invest in tomorrow: Belarus in the spotlight at Economic Forum in Luxembourg

The Belarusian-European investment forum – ‘Belarus. Invest in Tomorrow’ – took place in Luxembourg on 27 October, brining together around 200 European businessmen, as well as government and business delegations from Belarus.

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Preparing Georgian SMEs for exporting to the EU

EU4Business helps DCFTA Information Centre provide Georgian SMEs with knowledge of EU market requirements.

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‘You have seen my fall, now watch my rise’ – Moldovan wine industry rises from the ashes

“What defines us is how well we rise after falling.” This quote describes perfectly the wine industry of the Republic of Moldova, which slowly but surely has found the strength to recover after the Russian Federation’s embargoes, imposed first in 2006 and then in 2013.

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Members of Ukraine Chamber of Commerce learn from counterparts in Spain

Vice President of Volyn Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Ukraine receives valuable week-long training on membership services from Seville Chamber of Commerce in Spain.

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SME events and trainings across Ukraine: plan ahead for December



Jan-Feb 2018
Get ready for ‘Made in Moldova’ 2018


Dec 2017
Community Development through Social Entrepreneurship: EU4Business project holds final conference in Yerevan


Dec 2017
Project management for consulting: 4-day course in Tbilisi
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