Training course on marketing and selling consulting services


On 19-22 June 2017, Advice for Small Businesses of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) organised a training course on ‘Marketing and Selling Consulting Services’ for local consultants in the Republic of Moldova.

The overall objective of the training was to build the capacity of local consultants in the Republic of Moldova (hereinafter referred to as Moldova) in order to improve the quality of business advice they deliver to local SMEs. This course is part of The Grow Your Consulting Business Training Series developed by the EBRD, which shares essential skills, resources and techniques for effective and impactful consulting, as well as for running a successful consulting business.

The event gathered 14 business consultants, who shared training costs. The training was delivered by Vladimir Chernyavskiy, an experienced practitioner, director of the consulting company ‘Business Redesign Group’ and professor at both the Stockholm School of Economics and the Faculty of Management at St Petersburg State University, who knows what it takes to successfully sell advice. The main topics of the training course focused on marketing tools and practical sales techniques specific to the consultancy industry, pricing of consulting services and how to attract clients. The participants also had the possibility to familiarize with practical international best practices in consulting business shared by the trainer.

The Advice for Small Businesses enables small and medium sized enterprises to access a diverse range of advisory services with local consultants and international experts mainly by providing methodological and financial support of selected consulting projects, including coaching. In Moldova ASB has been operating since 2005. To date, ASB has started more than 740 projects with local consultants and international advisors with funding provided by the European Union under EU4business initiative and Sweden.