Success of SME Academy on EU market access in Moldova

Participants at the SME Academy on Access to EU Markets, from 10-12 May, heard that 65% of Moldovan exports are now reaching EU countries.

65% of exports from Moldova are now reaching EU markets, the vice-chair of the country’s chamber of commerce and industry told an SME training academy in May.

35 representatives of SMEs attended a three-day academy in Chisinau, organised under the EU4Business East Invest 2 project in cooperation with the Moldova Chamber of Commerce and Industry from 10-12 May.

Mihail Bîlba, vice-chair of the chamber, opening the event, said that in the past two years Moldovan exports had increased, with approximately 65% of domestic goods produced for export now reaching EU markets.

“EU market penetration requires competitive and high quality products. In collaboration with Moldovan business support organisations, we have been able to put in the effort and improve the quality of the goods produced in our country,” said Mr Bîlba.

Building links between business and education

“Over the years, many Moldovan companies and business support organisations have benefited from the opportunities created by the East Invest 1 and 2 projects, facilitating commerce and attracting investments from the EU to Eastern Partnership countries,” he added.

Germany’s GIZ development agency and the Moldovan Education Ministry had helped train workers to produce better and more competitive goods, he said, building links between the business community and vocational education so that students could apply their theoretical knowledge on practical placements at production companies.

During the Academy, Italian, Belgian, Turkish and Moldovan experts addressed subjects from EU technical standards and regulations, export availability for businesses, marketing and companies’ participation at international fairs and exhibitions.