Four Ukrainian startups attract investments from EU’s Horizon 2020


The European Union is funding four Ukrainian start-ups under the Horizon 2020 programme of research and innovation for a total of around €1.4 million.

Since the beginning of Ukraine's participation in the Horizon 2020 programme, 323 contracts have been concluded with Ukrainian institutions, organisations, and enterprises for the implementation of 69 projects with funding of almost €12 million.

Within the first phase of support for small and medium enterprises, three Ukrainian start-ups have been allocated €50,000 for the development of the concept and planning of a business idea. They are:

  • Ecological Utilisation of Waste – focused on ecological uses of rubbish;
  • xBeam 3D Metal Printing – for 3D printing of metal;
  • Feasibility Study for PassivDom – deals with the creation of a stand-alone mobile home developed using 3D printing.

At the same time, the Ukrainian start-up Innovative Cloud-Based PV Workflow for Semiconductor Foundries (covering the development of an innovative product for global markets and the implementation of a new business model for the microelectronics industry) received funding of € 1.22 million for the implementation of its business plan under the second phase of the SME support instrument. This project must be implemented by December 31, 2018.

In 2015, an agreement on Ukraine's participation in Horizon 2020 was signed. The country thus obtained the status of associate member. Due to this, Ukrainian research institutions and scientists are now able to take part in the competition for EU grants under this programme. There is also hope that the agreement will contribute to the expansion of the participation of Ukrainian research universities in European research, and will strengthen scientific cooperation with the countries of the European Union.

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