Focus on creative design to boost Ukrainian SMEs

The event was organised in the unusual venue of Lviv International Airport, which was decorated for the occasion

More than 100 people gathered for the Creative Economy Days in Lviv over two days on 24-25 November, to discuss issues based around ‘Design for Competitiveness’, in an event addressed by 14 speakers and which hosted three workshop. The Creative Economy Days were organised in the original venue of Lviv international airport, by the Lviv Business Support Centre with the support of EU4Business and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

The conference focused on how Ukrainian SMEs can best work with creative agencies and design to boost their products and services. There were discussions about the interaction between manufacturing companies, creative agencies and designers, about designing skills, the essence of Ukrainian industrial design and its perception abroad.

The event stood out as a place for dialogue between businesses and industrial designers.

The Lviv Business Support Centre is part of the EU-funded Network of Business Support Centres, which aims to improve the competitiveness and bankability of Ukrainian SMEs through the provision of business advice and capacity building. It also supports BSOs in 15 regions of Ukraine in setting up a network of EU4Business Business Support Centres (BSCs). At least 30,000 SMEs and entrepreneurs will benefit from the project.