EU experts needed to train business support managers from Eastern Partnership countries

The East Invest 2 programme is recruiting EU experts to take part in a training academy for senior managers of Business Support Organisations (BSOs) in the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries.

The BSO Strategic Planning Academy will take place from 8 to 11 May 2017 in Westerham, Germany, organised under East Invest 2, an EU-funded programme targeting Business (Support) Organisations (BSOs) and SMEs from the 6 Eastern Partnership countries.

The EU experts will present five courses during the academy:

  1. Learn to think strategically
  2. Risk management: external and internal risks for a BSO
  3. Change management: facing external competition
  4. International strategic partnerships
  5. Strategic public relations and communication.

Thirty senior executives from BSOs in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine are expected to participate in the event, organised by EU4Business partner organisation EUROCHAMBRES in cooperation with UEAPME.

A central pillar of EU4Business is to support BSOs in these countries, as membership organisations able to promote dialogue between governments and SMEs.

The course recognises the need for clear strategy to ensure the successful functioning of BSOs, enable them to sustain local SMEs and contribute to the creation of an improved business environment in the EaP countries.

The academy will discuss why a BSO needs a strategic plan, how it should be drawn up, how to make the best use of it, and ensure the plan is supported by BSO staff and thus efficiently implemented.

A completed and signed Application Form should be sent by email to Irina Tikhonova ( with a copy to Marusa Benkic:(benkic@eurochambres.euby 10 April 2017 (inclusive).

More details and application form can be found here