Over 97% of all businesses in the Republic of Moldova are SMEs. They are responsible for over 50% of all jobs and generate more than 30% of the country’s income. However, they find it hard to get finance and enter new markets. The Moldovan government has simplified legislation and administration to help SMEs prosper. EU4business programmes complement these efforts by improving access to finance, helping SMEs move into foreign markets and providing training to build up business skills. Specific technical help is available to Moldovan SMEs to make sure they can make the most of the country’s free trade agreement with the EU.


Success stories

People working in clothing factory
With funding from the European Union and Sweden, the EBRD helped Vestra to transform their clothing patterns development process and to grow their business, enabling them to create over 200 new patterns, to cut development time and to reduce fabric waste. The EBRD helped Vestra to transform their process for developing clothing patterns and to grow their business. Working with a local technology...
Oldcom’s manufacturing facilities
A Moldovan footwear manufacturer is growing its business substantially with help from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Advice for Small Businesses programme . Chisinau-based Oldcom SA has been able to open three new shops, increase revenues by 10%, launch 50 new items of footwear, and begin exporting to the neighbouring Ukrainian market – thanks to productivity improvements in...
Women and a man sitting around a desk in an office
Representatives of Moldova’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIRM) have taken part in a European Union (EU) Twinning programme, visiting their counterparts in Brussels and coming away with valuable ideas and tips on how to improve the support and services the CCIRM offers its own business community. East Invest 2, a project being supported by the EU, is assisting the CCIRM with learning from...