An assessment of the film post-production sector in Georgia, produced by the EU4Business project ‘SME Development and DCFTA in Georgia’. The study examines the context of the sector, conducts a mapping of the value chain, reviews available incentives and opportunities and provides recommendations for development of the sector.

Meblevi Technologii, a family-owned furniture distributor in Ukraine, had better results than expected when it asked the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for help building a website. Consultants from the EBRD Advice for Small Businesses (ASB) team instead told the company that its reorganisation was a bigger priority.

With funding from the European Union under its EU4Business initiative, the EBRD worked with Yarych, a cookie & crackers producer from Ukraine, providing international consultants from Italy and Canada under its Advice for Small Businesses programme, who helped the company better define their brand and launch a new marketing strategy.